Trading with timing

Version history for Stockhelp Free

2.6   2019-02-24

New functions:
  • Market summary and stock summary are automatically written based on quote database.
Bug fixes:
  • Some indicators where not shown correctly if zoomed in and if the maximum value was negative.
  • Indicators with more than one series could get wrong Y-axis scale.
  • Menu item "Ruler" on menu "Draw" was not disabled when showing multiple securities.
  • Updating the database could stop too early.
  • Prepared to make payments outside Sweden easier.
  • Show next security and show previous security are now up to 300% faster.
  • Starting the program is now faster.
  • Screen resolution added to error report that the user can send in if the program crashes.
  • Updated the securites for these lists (Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap) on Stockholm Stock Exchange.
2.5   2018-04-05 - First English version

New functions:
  • You can now select which security lists to use for Back test.
  • Added these exchanges: Amsterdam Australian Hong Kong Johannesburg Korea Kuala Lumpur London Madrid Paris Shanghai Singapore Taiwan Toronto
Bug fixes:
  • The column security list was missing when printing "Search for not updated".
  • Pressing Cancel in the Options dialog caused the program to crash.
  • The program sometimes crashed when inserting an indicator from the context menu if focus was set to another window.
  • The program sometimes crashed when activating the cross-hair.
  • The chart was empty after the function Line Watch was run if there were old "line watch lines" created for securities that does not exist in the quote database anymore.
  • When pressing Cancel in the emission adjustment dialog, the program crashed.
  • The program crashed when adding a security with an apostrophe in its name.
  • The program sometimes crashed when the "Price" field in the transaction dialog in the portfolio management was empty.
  • When deleting the last transaction in a portfolio and pressing Save it was not deleted.
  • When removing a security from the chart (if multiple securities were shown), the title-bar sometimes still showed the removed security.
  • Candlestick bars now requires valid "Open" quote (greater than 0) to be displayed in weekly and monthly charts.
  • Searching in Formula Editor sometimes crashed.
  • When adding the first custom indicator or signal, the new name did not appear in the list until restarting the dialog.
  • Removed import of old Stockhelp Pro portfolios, because Stockhelp Pro was replaced by Stockhelp Advanced 2009.
  • Stockhelp no longer supports Windows Vista.
  • CPU info and amount of RAM added to the error report a user can choose to send via e-mail if the program crashes.
  • 64 bit SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB is now default because 64 bit OS has a greater market share than 32 bit OS.
  • Enhanced possibility to abort the back testing and search for buy and sell signals when there are errors in the formulas.
  • Program adapted so that it works with screen resolution 1900*1080 and text size set to 125%.