Trading with timing

New functions:
Enabled these functions (formerly only available in Stockhelp Advanced):
  • Weekly chart
  • Monthly chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Line chart
  • Candlestick
  • Level monitoring of trend lines
  • Export of quotes to Excel
  • Multiple securities in the same chart
  • Relative performance
  • Buy- and sell lines
  • Extend lines to the right
  • Showing security on Yahoo Finance
Bug fixes:
  • The column security list was missing when printing "Search for not updated".
  • Pressing Cancel in the Options dialog caused the program to crash.
  • The program sometimes crashed when inserting an indicator from the context menu if focus was set to another window.
  • The program sometimes crashed when activating the cross-hair.
  • The chart was empty after the function Line Watch was run if there were old "line watch lines" created for securities that does not exist in the quote database anymore.
  • Support for Nasdaq instead of the Swedish security list "Large Cap"
  • Stockhelp Free no longer supports Windows Vista.
  • CPU info and amount of RAM added to the error report a user can choose to send via e-mail if the program crashes.
  • 64 bit SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB is now default because 64 bit OS has a greater market share than 32 bit OS.