Trading with timing

Profitexia develops advanced software for technical analysis of stocks. The development of programs started in 1996 and Profitexia was founded in 2000. We now have over 20 years of experience developing software for technical analysis of stocks.

Business Concept
Providing software that enables you to have better timing of your stock trades.

1996 The development of Stockhelp started when the Swedish company Affärsvärlden began publishing free daily quotes for the Swedish stock exchange on its website. 

2000 Profitexia was founded to sell the technical analysis software Stockhelp. Released the entry-level program Stockhelp Basic and the more advanced Stockhelp Pro including portfolio management.

2009 The Swedish company Affärsvärlden decided to cease providing quotes and Profitexia developed a new program Stockhelp Advanced that downloaded free quotes from Yahoo Finance via a third party application - which also gave access to US stocks and indexes. Stockhelp Advanced replaced the older programs Stockhelp Basic and Stockhelp Pro.

2010 Stockhelp Quotes Downloader was released. It simplified the retrieval of quotes for Stockhelp Advanced.

2012 Stockhelp Free was released. It is an entry level version of Stockhelp Advanced that is a free but more limited edition.

2017 An English version of Stockhelp Free was released.

2018 An English version of Stockhelp Advanced was released.