Trading with timing

Stockhelp Free 2017 is a limited variant of the more advanced program Stockhelp Advanced (not released yet!) 

Learn more about the differences between Stockhelp Free and Stockhelp Advanced.

You can download a full version and use as long as you want. The quotes are freely available from Yahoo Finance via the program Stockhelp Quotes Downloader that is included in the installation.

Full installation

Stockhelp Free 2017 v2.4 for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

The installation program is 120 MB in size and is a full installation including limited price history (3 years). If you want longer price history (up to 40 years) you can download these for free from Yahoo Finance via program Stockhelp Quotes Downloader included in the installation.

 Get installation instructions for Stockhelp Free