Trading with timing

You may have noticed that it is time consuming to do stock picking when there are more than 3000 companies listed on NASDAQ and more than 2700 companies listed on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Which security should you buy? How much research do you need before you choose a security to buy?

Have you thought about that posts on chat pages can be from people who own a certain security and try to " talk it up". If you buy on the rumor, the risk is that the rumor has been around for a while and the security price has already taken the rumor into account - there is a risk that you are buying too late just before the security rebounds.

Banks and brokers overwhelms you with buy and sell recommendations, as they earn money on an increased number of transactions. Usually they provide buying advice, as anyone can follow this advice - sell recommendations do not generate as many transactions as it only apply to people who own that security. Different brokers often have opposite views on the security's price target. That is also a warning sign to stay away from that particular security.

All this means it's not easy for you to decide which security to buy!

Want to know how you can...

  • Get daily buying and selling tips without having to read any buy or sell recommendations in newspapers or on the Internet.
  • Be notified when stock price breaks through a certain preset level.
  • Find out which of the technology stocks that has outperformed the others.

... Read on.

Then you need the technical analysis software Stockhelp Free to help you with all of this:

Buying and selling tips

You can use the Search for buy and sell signals to easily filter out the securities with the most buying signals.

If you are only interested in securities on any particular securities list, you can choose to search only for signals from those lists. You can also specify a minimum volume for a security - to filter out securities with low trading activity.

Being able to filter out securities with low volume is important because technical analysis involves the study of herd behavior and works better on securities that have high volume. A security with a high volume also makes it easier to find a seller if the market turns down. If you get a buy signal you also want that it should be easy to find a seller.

Do you want to be notified when the price exceeds a certain level?

Support and resistance levels are important in technical analysis. When the price breaks through a resistance level, it means a buy signal. When the price breaks through a support level it means a sell signal. You can get notified when the price breaks through the support or resistance level by setting alarm levels in the quote list.
You can also draw your own trend lines and get notified when the price breaks through the trend line.

Do you want to know which of the technology stocks that has outperformed the others?

Comparing stocks with each other is easy. You can compare up to 8 shares with each other. All graphs are presented in the same chart, which makes it easy to see which stocks went best.

More ways to find tomorrow's winners...

Sometimes you will find tomorrow's winners among yesterday's losers. A security on yesterday's losers list might have dropped unjustifiably. The price is usually corrected the next day - take advantage of that! The market has a tendency to overreact in both positive and negative direction, just look at the Dot-com bubble.

Stockhelp Free can show you today, this week, this year, last 2 years, last 5 years and the last 10 years winners and losers. You see how many percent the security has increased or decreased during the chosen period. You also see the percentage decline since the last peak.

Make it easier for you!

  • In Stockhelp Free, you have full control because the program runs on your computer. Once you have downloaded the quotes from the Internet all data you need is on your computer.
  • Workspaces allow you to arrange the windows the way you like and Stockhelp will remember which windows were active, their size, location, time-period and content. You can choose to display the last used workspace each time you start the program.

Stockhelp Free is easy to use!

  • Draw trend lines, rectangles, ellipses and text as easy as in a drawing program.
  • The menu structure follows Microsoft Windows standard, which makes it easy to find what you want.
  • The program is suitable both for beginners and those more experienced in technical analysis.
  • If you need help, just press "F1" to open the built-in online help. It has a special section "Getting started" to assist you the first time you use the program. It is also possible to print the online help.
  • Tip of the Day gives you valuable tips about the program each time you start the program.

System requirements:

  • Windows 10 (both 32 and 64 bit versions), Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit versions) and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)
  • Minimum of 512 MB of RAM (2 GB or more is recommended.)
  • 4.4 GB of available hard disk space.
  • Display 1280x1024 or higher resolution.
  • Computer with Intel or compatible 1.4 GHz or faster processor (2 GHz or faster is recommended.)

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