Trading with timing

Quotes from Yahoo via Stockhelp Quotes Downloader

When are the quotes ready for download?

Which stocks, mutual funds and indexes can I download?

How do I add securities?

How do I remove securities?

How do I download all available quotes for a security?

Why are there no price data for certain days of the price chart?


The program does not start

What are the system requirements for Stockhelp Advanced?

How do I transfer the settings from my old program to my new program?

How do I find out which directory my current software is installed in?

If I switch to another user on my computer, I can not start Stockhelp?

Do I have to buy a new code if I reinstall the program on the same computer?

My registration number does not work


Some securities are missing. Why?

How do I find what I'm looking for in the online help?

Technical analysis

Which indicator should I use?


Is the fee for the program an annual fee?

My payment service on the Internet does not work with all the characters in my email address. How should I enter my email address at postgiro (only available in Sweden) payment?

I intend to order Stockhelp but I can not write all the information you need on the bank's message field.


I want to call you but I can not find a phone number, don't you have a phone?

How do I contact you?

I have not received an e-mail with information about the new version, despite all registered users should have received such e-mails


How do I take a screenshot of the error message I get?

How do I write a bug report?

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